Monday, June 30, 2014

Book Club - Matilda

This month’s book for Bon’s Book Club was Matilda by Roald Dahl. Even though I am sure majority of your have either read this book or seen the movie at some point in your life, here is the description of the book from Amazon:

“Matilda is a sweet, exceptional young girl, but her parents think she's just a nuisance. She expects school to be different but there she has to face Miss Trunchbull, a kid-hating terror of a headmistress. When Matilda is attacked by the Trunchbull she suddenly discovers she has a remarkable power with which to fight back. It'll take a superhuman genius to give Miss Trunchbull what she deserves and Matilda may be just the one to do it!”

This book is just adorable. It’s such an easy read too, which I really love.  It’s nice to get lost in the silliness once in a while.

One thing that surprised me though, was that the book was not as I remembered it.  I feel like it actually teaches children really bad things!  I mean, when Matilda gets mad at her parents (and rightly so) she decides to punish them by using trickery.  What kind of lesson is that teaching children?

Yes, the book does have a lot of outrageous imagery such as Miss Trunchbull swinging children by their pigtails and throwing them across the yard or holding them up by their ears so much that they stretch, but I wonder if young children realize this is not real? The book information suggests

Overall I’m glad I took the time to read this book again. It probably took maybe a few hours, so it wasn’t much. I love Roald Dahl books.  If you haven’t read the BFG (Big Friendly Giant) I would suggest it too!  
Next up for Bon’s Book Club is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.  I am really looking forward to reading this book as well. If you haven’t noticed, I do tend to like crime and mystery type books, so this is right up my alley. I vaguely remember the movie, but I definitely can’t remember the main points. 

Have you read Matilda? What are your thoughts?

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  1. When I was in college before I studied law I got a degree in English and History and took a Children's literature class.You would be surprised what reading books as adults teach you about kids books. They really have some weird lessons /influences /teachings for kids!



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