Monday, February 27, 2012


All of my adult life I have been the kind of girl that only wants to date someone if I see it *possibly* lasting.  I don't want to waste my time, energy, emotions, or even money on someone that I know I'm just going to say goodbye to down the road. No one likes breakups, why prolong the inevitable?

Today I was thinking (albeit selfishly) "What about me"? What if I just want to have a little fun?  Hold hands with someone while driving, kiss in the rain, spend a saturday night cuddled under a blanket on the couch? I've been single so long that I miss those things.  Would it be wrong of me to just date someone who may not be perfect for me at all, just to have those moments again, even for just a little while?

Maybe I'll try that.  But probably not.  I'm just too scared. Chicken. Yeah, thats right, I'm calling myself names!

(Note: I have absolutely no one in mind right now, so I'm not trying to convince myself about someone)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All over in a day

I made it back from Vegas in one piece!

I think I ended up spending $60 (including all my food) on the whole trip.  That is definitely a win.

I didn't spend a single minute behind the wheel of the car, R drove the whole time.  We were going to split the drive back, but you better believe I didn't say anything when it was time to switch.

A's friend in Vegas was a very nice older woman who lives in the same complex as most of his old teammates. She basically let us have the run of the house. She was seriously amazing.  I had a room all to myself (not that I slept much) and she provided food and drinks for the evening. Can't get much better than that.

When we talked about going out on Friday night, I just assumed we were going to the strip. Silly me!  A and his lovely friend that joined us (complete with purchased assets, hooker heels and a washcloth for a dress) decided they wanted to go to someplace called "Townsquare" which was downtown and most definitely not on the strip.  It was basically a giant shopping mall with a few bars. The first place we went charged $10 a drink and played only latin music.   The second place had much better music and a lot more people. But still, we are in Vegas people!  R and I finally made them drop us off on the strip. 

R and I gambled and roamed around until 3 in the morning when we decided to do something you can only do in Vegas.  We ate dinner at a Steakhouse. In a casino. At 3am.  After that we headed straight home for bed!

Couldn't sleep much though (I was freezing) so I was out of bed again by 8am.  R and I ate breakfast then headed to the strip for a bit more fun.  Put $8 in a penny slot machine and came away with $30. No its not big money, but hey thats $22 more than I started with!

We had to say goodbye to Vegas around 2pm. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I'm glad I got the chance to go at all!

A keeps texting me now and asking me to go again.  In fact today he told me to quit my job and go to Vegas with him.  I have a feeling this is defnitely not my last trip there with the boys!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Vegas or Bust!

To continue my birthday week I am headed to Vegas! 

This should really be an interesting trip....I'm only going for one night and with people I barely know.  The twenty-eighth year of my life is starting off going with the flow and taking chances!

Weeks ago I asked my mom if she wanted to go to San Diego or Vegas for our birthdays (hers is two days after mine).  We never made any concrete reservations, but I kind of had it in my mind that we would take a trip this weekend.  Turns out she just couldn't get away.  I was bummed, I love vacations with my momma.

A few weeks later I was hanging out with a guy friend (ok, really an ex) and his little boy.  I mentioned my birthday coming up and he immediately said "Vegas?"  I thought, "Sure why not?"  So again I got excited to go.  When I finally decided to actually make reservations and such I talked to him and he realized that was the weekend he was moving into his new house and couldn't go.  Fail again.

Yesterday I posted on facebook that I wanted to go to Vegas and that I was sad that I couldn't.  Bam!  One of the guys I know from high school (but really I don't know all that well) asked if I was serious about going. I told him yes and he said that he and his friend wanted to go! I know of his friend but have never met him. Apparently we went to the same high school but four years apart.

So....that's what I'm doing this weekend.  Hopping in my car this afternoon to drive to Vegas with A and R. A actually plays arena football and last year he played for the Las Vegas Locos (he just signed with the AZ Rattlers) so we will be getting VIP everywhere we go. Can't beat that!

My only issue is that we are staying at A's friends house.  I have no idea what that means.  Are we all sharing a couch?  Are there multiple bedrooms?  Are we camping out on the floor?  Eeek its giving me anxiety!

I've just been telling myself that this weekend I am going to suck it up and go with the flow. How bad can it be?  (I hope those aren't famous last words!)

Here's to a fun weekend in Vegas!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Twenty Eight

So much for keeping up on this blog thing.

I swear I am going to try harder this time.

Really, I am.


So, next week is my 28th birthday.  Had you asked me in high school what I thought I would be doing I would have probably answered something like "spending a quiet evening in with my husband and our 2.5 kids."

My actual answer:  Sleeping in, eating lunch alone and then maybe going to Fat Tuesdays for a slushie with a few girls I really don't know all that well. Oh and maybe going out dancing on the weekend, again with a group of people I really don't know closely.

But you know what?  That is ok with me.  It's just not my time yet. 

I am going to party it up, have fun, laugh a lot, and get to know some new friends better!


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