Wednesday, February 15, 2012

All over in a day

I made it back from Vegas in one piece!

I think I ended up spending $60 (including all my food) on the whole trip.  That is definitely a win.

I didn't spend a single minute behind the wheel of the car, R drove the whole time.  We were going to split the drive back, but you better believe I didn't say anything when it was time to switch.

A's friend in Vegas was a very nice older woman who lives in the same complex as most of his old teammates. She basically let us have the run of the house. She was seriously amazing.  I had a room all to myself (not that I slept much) and she provided food and drinks for the evening. Can't get much better than that.

When we talked about going out on Friday night, I just assumed we were going to the strip. Silly me!  A and his lovely friend that joined us (complete with purchased assets, hooker heels and a washcloth for a dress) decided they wanted to go to someplace called "Townsquare" which was downtown and most definitely not on the strip.  It was basically a giant shopping mall with a few bars. The first place we went charged $10 a drink and played only latin music.   The second place had much better music and a lot more people. But still, we are in Vegas people!  R and I finally made them drop us off on the strip. 

R and I gambled and roamed around until 3 in the morning when we decided to do something you can only do in Vegas.  We ate dinner at a Steakhouse. In a casino. At 3am.  After that we headed straight home for bed!

Couldn't sleep much though (I was freezing) so I was out of bed again by 8am.  R and I ate breakfast then headed to the strip for a bit more fun.  Put $8 in a penny slot machine and came away with $30. No its not big money, but hey thats $22 more than I started with!

We had to say goodbye to Vegas around 2pm. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I'm glad I got the chance to go at all!

A keeps texting me now and asking me to go again.  In fact today he told me to quit my job and go to Vegas with him.  I have a feeling this is defnitely not my last trip there with the boys!

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