Monday, July 14, 2014

Why I've Been So Busy

Oh my goodness you guys… life has been crazy lately!

As you know, I’m planning a wedding within a pretty darn short time period (4 months eek).  I have two months to go and I think I am doing pretty good. I wasn’t feeling very stressed out until a few weeks ago when I decided to do something that I only realize now wasn’t my brightest idea.
I decided to put my condo on the market.

I thought hey, as a vacation rental in Arizona it’s always empty in the summertime.  I figured it would be a perfect time for a realtor to show it anytime they wanted without disturbing any guests.

I emailed my realtor and asked her thoughts on it. Was it a good time?  Would I get a good price on it? That was on May 31st.  18 days later, we had decided on a price, taken pictures and officially listed it for sale. We thought we would list it for a few months in the summer and if we needed to, we’d take it back off the market again in the fall when it got busy again. I thought for sure that’s what I’d be doing.

One day later, I had a signed contract on it.  Silly me. 

I was absolutely shocked.  I got two solid offers on the first day, have had people still viewing it up until a few days ago and even have TWO signed backup offers on it.  Its nuts!  

Closing is scheduled for July 18th, which is just around the corner. I've been through inspections and appraisals and I'm just waiting on the final word for everything to go through.

Along with selling my condo, C and started also looking for a house.  I wasn’t planning on doing that until a little while later either, but since we had to move all of the furniture out of the condo last weekend, it’s in storage for a hefty price.  I rather not pay that for months on end.  

We’ve spent hours looking at listings online, driving by places and have probably been inside maybe 20 different homes.  We have only found one we loved, which we put an offer on, but we lost it.  I mean, this house was on the market for almost 5 months and didn’t have an offer until us.  The weekend we put one in, so did someone else, and theirs was better.

Oh well, it clearly wasn’t meant to be.

Finding a house we love has been tough and disheartening though.  Majority of the homes in the areas we are looking (Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tempe) are quite old.  Many have been upgraded inside which is great, but the outsides need work or there isn’t a garage, which is major for us. Thankfully, we both have almost the same taste in what we are looking for, so there are no issues there.

I know we will find one someday, it just won’t be as quick as we wanted to. 

So yeah, I’ve been ridiculously busy because I’ve been wedding planning, selling a house and trying to buy a new one!  I will try to keep up on my blogging schedule, but if you don’t hear from me for a bit, I guarantee I am busy doing one of those three things!

Oh and just for is a photo of C in one of the houses we looked at.  Older homes with short showers are a real issue with us!  (Don't tell him I shared this pic hehe)

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  2. Oh gosh- good luck girl! There are plenty of great properties in those areas (I'm from there) so I am sure you will find something!!

  3. Haha! Oh, I often forget that one of the benefits of being short have to do with shower heads.

  4. That picture is hilarious! I totally understand though, I'm 5'8" and Brandon is 6'1" so we have similar issues. We're also house hunting right now as well, and we've put in like 5 offers and have either not gotten accepted or we haven't heard back yet... ugh! Good luck!



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