Monday, July 28, 2014


Time for another life update!


Well C’s team has clinched both playoff games at home (assuming they win the first one) which is awesome.  The bad news is that they have lost 2 games to some really tough teams and they don’t have the best record in the league anymore.  That means that if they make it to the Arena Bowl….it might not be in Arizona! Boo! I really don’t want to have to plan a trip across the US just two weeks before my wedding….but I totally will if I have to.
My arm looks huge...eeeew
C has been talking like this might be his last year playing football but I don’t want to believe it.  I think he is just really sore and tired right now, but come next February he will be ready to go again! At least I hope…I really enjoy going to these games and seeing him play.

Playoffs start this weekend, so fingers crossed they do good!


I finished both Matilda by Roald Dahl and Dark Places by Gilliam Flynn.  Matilda was actually not like I remembered.  It was surprising to me how many bad habits it might teach kids about getting revenge!  It was still cute though and a very easy read. 

Dark Places was very….dark.  I honestly wasn’t sure what the book was about, but I knew I liked Gone Girl which is written by the same author.  There were some slow parts to it, but I really liked the storyline and it kept me interested which is great. 

I can’t really say that for the book I am currently reading though, which is In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.  I am supposed to be finished with it by the end of the month for my book club and I doubt that will happen.  Right now I am on the fence about just giving up.  I rarely give up on books, but this one is really testing me.  I keep hoping it will get better and the action will get more intense, because its terrible right now. There is sooooo much extra gunk to read through that I don’t think is relevant to the story.  It’s really driving me nuts!


Well, I have to say that this season of the Bachelorette wasn’t very exciting.  I dislike both of her final choices.  I can’t get past the feeling that Josh is a complete player who knows all the right things to say and do, so I guess I like Nick better.  Which really isn’t saying much.  We will find out who she chooses tonight!
C and I have started watching Scandal (Finally!) and we love it.  We are halfway through the second season now.  Gotta love Netflix!

Another fairly new show we love is the Cabanero Effect.  Have you guys seen this show?  It’s basically a magician who plays practical jokes on people who basically think they are going nuts by what they are seeing.  It is HILARIOUS!  I highly suggest it :) 

What books and TV shows are you loving right now?!?  

Well after A LOT of inspection issues and thinking we may not actually keep moving forward…..its official!  Its ours!   Eeeeek!  The seller agreed to fix around $6,000 of problems, which we just can’t believe. We close on Wednesday, which is just crazy. I will be posting pictures hopefully sometime soon!

Well that’s my update!  What do you have going on these days??

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  1. Hope they do great! Our guys must think alike. What is the quit talk about?? Will support him (as I know you will C either way) Congrats to him and his team and happy trip and/or wedding planning! So glad shows are coming back on.



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