Friday, May 23, 2014

We Set a Date!

Well you guys……I told you I had a jump on wedding planning and I wasn’t kidding!

I really only had two weeks head start, but it’s incredible what I accomplished. 

Originally I knew he had put a ring on layaway (he told me – silly boy) so I decided to start looking at venues and emailing my favorites to get an idea of what the costs associated might be.  I seriously had an entire spreadsheet full because I really had no idea of what I wanted.   Then…..I decided to google “Winery Weddings in Arizona” and my life was forever changed!

It took my exactly one week to find our dream venue and it took me only another few days to book a date!

So, we are getting married at the Windmill Winery in Florence, AZ on……

September 7, 2014

As of today that means it is only 107 days away!  Eeek!

Just for an idea of why I instantly fell in love, here are a few photos that I took of the location.  Obviously these is completely bare, but you still get the idea.  If you are really curious, I'd definitely suggest going to their website, the photos they have are beautiful!

Ceremony Site

Reception Barn
The bar!
I adore the big "LOVE" sign
The best part....Beer Burros!
I have been crazy busy trying to make sure I get the important things done, but I think I’ve gotten a lot accomplished! There are definitely a lot more details to come!

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  1. Fun! We are from Arizona and a few of my friends got married there! You can see some photos from their wedding at under weddings :) You'll love it!

  2. How amazing, fun and perfect is this venue?!?!? I ceremony site is beautiful. And the barn? Omg. I cant wait to see pictures from YOUR weeding!!! 107'll get here quick =)

  3. Congratulations on setting a date and location - those can be hard to decide! And it looks so perfect - that barn is so lovely. Plus, now I wish I had a beer burro at my wedding - too cute!

  4. It is beautiful. I can't wait to read more on your wedding planning, so very exciting!

  5. Beautiful! The wedding will be gorgeous!

  6. lovely place! it is going to be gorgeous. wow! that is quick and will be here before you know it. best wishes and congrats!

  7. Congratulations!! That barn is stunning, totally something I would have chosen as well. So excited to see what else you plan for your big day! :)

  8. YAY!! I love it!! So pretty.. I want to come back to Phoenix so bad. I hpoe that we can vacay in Sedona sometime.



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