Monday, May 5, 2014

Football Talk

Well guys, C’s team is already over 1/3 of the way through their season.  I honestly can’t believe it.  I swear, it’s gone by really fast, though that’s probably because all but one of the games has been at home.  Now the tough part of the season is here, where he is gone all weekend, every weekend.  Boo.  He just got home from Jacksonville, Florida yesterday and he left on Friday at 5:30am!

My baby is Superman!
Just kidding, he just likes knocking people over!

The team has played 7 games so far.  Guess how many they have won?

A full size page ad in the paper? Say what?!? That's my man!

If you answered 7, because they are awesome, you would be correct!

In US Airways Center...he's the guy in the middle :)

I am not going to lie, I wasn’t very confident in the team when the season started.  I didn’t expect them to win several of the games, but they have really kicked some butt! Many of the games have been close, but a win is a win!  I am a little tired of the slight heart attack feeling I get when the score is too close or the team is down with not much time to go.

After the first game of the season

He has stayed pretty injury free so far, which I love.  Yes, he’s got some bumps and bruises (ew and these nasty raspberry type scrapes on his arms that are just patches of missing skin), but nothing major which I am so thankful for.  The entire team has actually stayed relatively healthy which is fantastic!

This is seriously how his hair looks after games....eek!

Something really exciting happened this season…..they finally started selling C’s jersey!  Of course, I snatched it up the first day it was available.  Thank goodness I did, because they sold out that night! So cool.  I love seeing fans walking around wearing his jersey and supporting him. It makes me proud!  My mom and I are working on making it more wearable (the sleeves are humongous) but I love it.

On Thursday I am actually traveling for the first time to watch him play in a road game (besides the Arena Bowl).  My mom and I will be heading to Portland, Oregon to watch them play.  I am really excited because my brother is stationed near Seattle (about 3 hours away) so he will be able to join us.  This will be his first time at one of C’s games as well!  I can’t wait to explore both Portland and Seattle since I have never been to either place! Any suggestions on where we should and what we should see? 
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