Friday, November 22, 2013

Iced Tea

I am absolutely and totally addicted to iced tea.

Every single weekday morning for the past three or so years I have taken a little mini trek across the plaza at my office to get a nice cold 32 ounce cup of tropical iced tea from the local cafe. 

This little café charges a lot for their tea, in my opinion. $1.75 a cup. I recently decided to try making my own at work with an iced tea maker, but it just isn’t the same.  I don’t know why that darn paper cup with the red and white coca cola symbol just tastes so much better! I even ordered the same brand (Passport Brand, Tropical flavor), but alas, I still like it more when someone else makes it.

Still though, in an effort to save almost $9 a week and $35 a month, I am making my own.  I’d say maybe once a week I give in and get a cup from the café.  At least I am saving a little money right?

My question to you is this….do you drink iced tea? 

What are your favorite flavors/brands? 

Maybe I just need to try something new!

Speaking of new….I ventured into Teavana the other day and bought a Chocolate Peppermint tea and a Spiced Caramel Apple tea. I can say one thing about that place, though the tea is DARN good, I will never ever go back!  Holy cow that place is expensive!  It cost me $30 for 2 ounces of two different teas and a 1 pound bag of rock sugar.  2 ounces!  That’s like 4 cups of tea maybe?

So again…..any new tea suggestions for me?  Preferably brands that don’t cost an arm and a leg!  Loose leaf or tea bags, doesn’t make a difference!
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  1. I found your blog through Kate's and it's so cute!

    I always liked the "fake" iced tea, the lipton powder kind haha. I know that's not really a great suggestion, but I always thought it was super yummy!

  2. I love tea!! It is seriously one of my favorite drinks! I drink it hot, I drink it cold, I drink it all the time! Starbucks has a Christmas tea that is amazing! I believe it is called joy. It only comes out around this time of the year. I also love green tea. I've gotten this fruit green tea just from target before. I do not remember the brand, but it is inexpensive!

    Found you from A Girl Smitten. Loving your blog!

  3. I loooove tea! I haven't found a brand to brew at home that I love yet, they are either not good enough or crazy expensive!

  4. I've never had "American Iced Tea", here in Canada for the most part iced tea is exclusively the Nestea stuff that's more like juice than tea. I need to travel south and sample some "real" iced tea!

  5. I'm an iced tea drinker...all year long I have jugs of iced tea made in my fridge. They are like those old orange juice containers with the lids that seal down. When I make it, its still slightly warm when I pour it into the jug so it'll pop once it cools down and is almost like being canned. I made just straight black tea with 1/3 cup of sugar when warm - Lipton. :)

  6. I love the Starbucks Passion fruit tea. So yummy it does not even need sugar! Maybe buy a box and make it at work.



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