Monday, November 11, 2013

Cara Box Reveal - Round Two

After having so much fun during the last round of the Cara Box exchange, I decided to do it again!  I really liked the more extended format this time around.  I was a lot less confused as to who was who and not rushing to really get to know my partners.

This theme for this round was “Fall” In Love With the Season.  Who doesn’t love fall?!?  It was nice to talk with my partners about what their likes  and dislikes of the season are. Personally, I don’t understand the pumpkin latte thing. Or really much of pumpkin anything!  But I do love boots and the scents of fall.

My first partner was Jordan over at All The Small Things.  We really had a great connection.  I think we sent several “vent” type emails to each other! It’s nice to meet someone you can tell everything to and who you know has your back even if you’ve never met!  As she is moving around a bit right now, she asked that I hold off on sending her box for a bit until she is settled so I am going to send it this weekend.  Her reveal should be up soon!

My second partner was Kara over at The Simple Life Blog.  I love the box she sent me!  It was awesome getting to know her as well. She is an east coaster and grew up in the agriculture industry, so working with the livestock and educating about agriculture is something she is really passionate about. I’d love to learn more, but the closest I get to that subject is looking at the cows on display at the state fair!
She sent me an awesome package of goodies!  The first thing I pulled out was the mug.  I mean, hello, that screams fall!  Plus, inside were three packs of hot chocolate that sound so tasty.  I am sad I am probably going to have to share those with C! Next I pulled out the Peach Buds.  I have never heard of these but oh man were they good!  They last forever too.

After shoving a peach bud in my mouth (and in C’s too) I pulled out the EOS lip balm.  I have seen this stuff everywhere. I’ve really wanted to try it, so I was quite excited to see it in my box! The flavor is pomegranate raspberry and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing!  The size is just a bit chunky for me, but I plan on keeping this as my nightly chapstick that I keep on my bedside table. I seriously can’t fall asleep without chapstick on!

Next up were the cute little city notecards!  I can wait to write little notes in these. They really are adorable.  I wonder who I am going to write to first?!?

Finally, and my favorite thing of the bunch, was an adorable car freshener from Bath and Body Works.  I absolutely love it!  C and I share a car, so I kind of giggled when I told him I was going to put it in the car.  He was a little unsure until I opened the scent packet. It’s Pumpkin Cupcake and it smells absolutely incredible! C drove one of his teammates to physical therapy and he told me they had an actual conversation about how good it smelled haha.  Yes, men did that!  I actually went out last night and bought more refills for it since they are having a sale right now!

I really had a lot of fun with my second round of the Cara box exchange!  I am so happy to have “met” both of these gals and I know we will continue to be friends!

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  1. Looks like you got some great stuff! I am currently waiting on mine to arrive.

  2. I love hearing about what people get in their Cara Boxes! I actually sent some similar items to my partner but I won't spoil the surprise :)

  3. I haven't signed up for this before, but I hear that it is fun to get the awesome gifts from your new blog friends! I will have to do it next time :)



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