Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Updates + Giveaway

Sitting in the hospital waiting for the doctor to come out and talk to you after a loved one's surgery is quite surreal.  I mean, I've only seen that happen on Grey's Anatomy!

Luckily, when C's doctor came out he had nothing but good things to say.  C made it out of surgery just fine :)

So, now instead of his hand looking like this....

It looks like this....

   Oh, and he got some awesome socks along the way!

In three weeks he will be able to play again wearing a sort of club over his hand. Exciting stuff!

Also, I keep forgetting to mention this but I am taking part in my first ever giveaway!  Make sure to head over to Light & Sweet to take part...and hurry, there are only three days left!


  1. Hi Justine
    Visiting to thank you for coming by to visit my blog. Great post. I'm a RN and you gotta love the socks, lol. I'm also your newest follower and am off to read more of your posts. Hope you will visit me again soon.

  2. Justine, Thanks so much for sharing the giveaway with your readers! You're such a doll! Hope C's feeling better.



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