Friday, February 1, 2013

Life Lessons Learned: Number One

The week has really been tough. C has been injured and in physical therapy for the entire off-season.  Because of this, the team has paid for the apartment.   On Tuesday all of the players had appointments with a new doctor and then were told that they were all probably going to be released from IR and promptly asked to move out of the apartments.
That would be the apartment that we live in.  So yeah.
We might get kicked out of our home.
It could be next week, it could be three weeks from now, or maybe the team will just get lazy and wait and not even kick us out until the season starts again and we will be moving to the new apartments anyways.
I have been completely freaking out.  Worrying about where we will live, how we will pay for it, what we will do with all of our furniture, wondering if we will be able to take October (my cat) along, how will we move our furniture, what will we do about Direct TV (they want to charge us $230 to move!) and the list goes on and on.  Not knowing when this could happen is really killing me. I’m a planner. I need to know.  C is just fine.  He is not a worrier.  He thinks everything will just work itself out.
My goodness, I wish I could be like that. I really want to try.
I’ve learned this week that I really need to try harder to trust God.  He will protect me and take care of me.  He will help to work all of this out. It’s in his will.
Ultimately, I know all this.  But to let go is extremely hard for me.
On Wednesday, his coach told him he might have to have surgery. This would mean that the team would continue paying for his apartment and we’d have somewhere to live.  Just like that, a day later, I find out that I may have worried (and yeah, cried) for no reason.
I'm praying that the decide to go ahead with the surgery. We should find out any day now.
I need to trust God.
(PS: I feel kinda bad that I’m praying for my BF to have to have surgery….but I am.  I mean, he would have to have it anyways (either now or at the end of the season) so I am really just praying that they decide to do it now. I’m not a horrible person right?!?)

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