Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Growing Older

Whelp.....as of last week I'm 29 years old. 

This is officially the last year of my twenties.

Also, I don't care.

I had several friends that made a point to mention that it was the last year of my twenties.  That I am now almost thirty.  They told me how they cried when they turned thirty and now I am so close to that.  Am I supposed to be that upset?  I guess to me (at this point in my life at least) age is just a number.

Maybe it just has to do with how happy I am with my life?  I own my own home, I have a great job, a wonderful family and I am in a happy, committed relationship with the perfect man. What is there to be upset about?!?  Well I guess my life isn't *perfect* but who's is?

My actual birthday this year was pretty low key. It was a Thursday, so I took the day off. The only plans I made for the day involved food. I slept through breakfast (totally my plan), had my favorite salad from Sauce (pinenut, chicken, gorgonzola...mmmm) and had my other favorite salad from Buca di Beppo (their house salad with prosciutto and gorgonzola) for dinner. We got super lucky and they put us at the kitchen table at Buca.  Is it obvious I love gorgonzola cheese?

On Saturday night we planned on playing B.A.D Bingo at a local casino. It sounds cool (even though it only stands for Bingo After Dark).  It involves bingo, cheap drinks and glow sticks.  Why wouldn’t you want to go to that? Turns out I had the same idea as about 500 other people that night….which doesn’t work when there are only about 200 chairs in the bingo hall!  We got there a half hour early and the line was probably about 300 people long (seriously, it wrapped around the whole room) and the chairs were are full.  My party of 10 wasn’t going to get a chair for sure.  So we left and went to Sandbar down the street.  It was still fun J

C joined my mom and me for our annual birthday dinner at Benihana the following Monday night.  Her birthday is 2 days after mine so we always go have a free dinner.  If you sign up for their email club they send you a certificate for $30 to spend at their restaurant anytime during the whole month of your birthday. Thirty dollars!  It’s pretty awesome. Sorry the pic is such poor quality, I took it from my cell phone.

Birthday celebrations were a success if you ask me!

So here's to another year...the last year of my twenties.

I hope you rock 29!



  1. Found you on the abpetite linkup! I'm going to be 25 next month and I live in the south, which means that I'm supposed to be married and on the verge of having kids. None of which applies to me nor does it upset me! Just living my life as best I can! :-)


    1. Good for you for not letting it upset you! I'm not sure how I would do in the South haha.



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