Wednesday, March 28, 2012


He made it official. 

I know I am such a nerd for pointing this out, but I have a boyfriend.  The last time I actually uttered that statement was sometime in 2008. 

We were hanging out with his teammates and their wives at Coach and Willie’s and just having a great time.  We spent a lot of time listening to live music and dancing on the patio. At one point he made a new friend (he is constantly doing that) and was talking to this guy’s wife. I guess she pointed to me and asked him “Is that your girlfriend?” His reply? “No, but I wish she was.” Naturally, being a woman, she told me what he said.  I just got the biggest smile on my face and asked him if he really said that.  He tried to brush it off and told the woman she wasn’t supposed to tell me (in a joking way of course).

About an hour later (and admittedly a few drinks) he told me he had a question to ask me.  4th grader style, he asked me if I would be his girlfriend.  After saying yes, he told me he was probably going to screw up at times and that I should expect that.  I told him I understand and I know we both will at some point. That’s just part of relationships. He also kept telling me he likes me “more than I know.”  Seriously, he and the liquor shots he was taking said that about 5 times.  I can only imagine what he meant by that, but it still makes me happy.  He likes me for me.

I know I’m 28 years old.  I know that I’m acting like a total teenager.  I also know that I don’t care. I’m happy J  Hopefully March 22nd will matter in my future!

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