Tuesday, March 27, 2012

All Smiles

Things are going amazing with C. I still really can’t believe I met him.  I mean days after I post how maybe I should just give up and just date someone for the sake of dating them to have fun, I meet someone that fits everything I’ve been looking for. I get to have my hand holding in the car, kissing in the rain, cuddling on the couch moments with a good man.

I guess it just proves that silly statement “You’ll meet someone when you stop looking” true?

C reminds me a lot of my brother and my relationship with him.  He is a little goofy and weird and isn’t afraid to just be himself.  He makes weird noises and sings songs and does silly little dances.  I swear I do all of these things when I get around my brother. Yeah, I know, I’m weird too.

The other day we were walked by one of those water fountains that shoots water from the ground.  Usually there’s a few kids under the age of 5 soaking wet and running around through it. Oh and C.  He ran right through it smiling and laughing and saying he just couldn’t resist.  I had the biggest smile on my face. 

Last night I introduced him to my favorite restaurant (Someburros….mmmm).  Once we ordered he walked by the counter and noticed there were coloring pages and crayons for the kids.  He got one for both of us.  So we finished our dinner and sat there for a while coloring.  I loved it. Its totally something I would do and definitely not something many men would do! Our art now hangs on the wall above all the other children’s coloring pages.

Everything about him makes me smile.

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