Thursday, June 16, 2016

Ipsy Review - May

Ipsy time!
I love getting this bag in the mail! For a price that doesn’t break the budget ($10 including shipping), it is a great deal and you get a little beauty treat each month.  Sometimes they are a complete hit, sometimes a few products are a miss, but it’s always worth at least what I paid regardless!

The theme of this month’s bag is “Ready, Set, Adventure” and comes in a really cute blue bag with different travel landmarks from all over the world, like the London Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the Taj Mahal.  I actually really like it! I wish it were a zipper bag though; it’s an envelope style with a button clasp. 
Next up…the May Ipsy bag!

1) Slmissglam Small Contour Brush – (FULL SIZE)
I have just started using bronzer recently to contour and only have a larger brush, so this is perfect for me.  This will be great for the smaller areas, like the sides of my nose. This doesn’t seem to be sold separately on their site, so I am guessing on the price.
Full Size: $15.00 My Value: $15.00
2) epice Hydrating Mask – 1 oz.
I always love a good mask, so I am happy to receive this one! The only thing that I don’t like about it, is the instructions say once you rinse off the mask, you have to “wipe off mask residue with a washcloth or cotton pad.”  That sounds unpleasant to mean.  I mean, rinsing it off doesn’t get rid of it all? Ew.
Full Size: $35.00 for 3.3 oz. My Value: $10.60

3) Smashbox X-Rated Mascara – .10 oz.
I am excited to try this.  It is supposed to be a volumizing mascara, which is right up my alley.  I always love getting items from big brand names like this. I would probably not pay full price for a tube of their mascara, but the sample will last me quite awhile!
Full Size: $22.00 for .3 oz My Value: $7.33

4) Peek Nom Nom Natural Plumping Lip Balm in “Miracle” – 2g
First of all, this thing is way too dang tiny! I am pretty sure I will put it in my purse to use later and it will be lost forever.  It is seriously the size of about the top of my pointer finger. Speaking of pointer fingers, that is what I have to use to apply this, which I don’t like. I hate using my fingers to apply lip products. This is supposed to be lip plumping, but I can’t really tell a difference. It doesn’t have much of a “stinging” effect like others I have tried. It doesn’t really have a color to it, but it does smell amazing, like yummy cinnamon!  I couldn’t find anything online about the full size, so I guessed at the value!
Full Size: $22.00 My Value: $7.00

5)  Neutrogena MoistureSmooth color stick in “Almond Nude” – .08 oz.
I have a color stick like this already from Clinique, but it’s a bit more of a pink color.  I am not sure how I feel about this shade. I don’t wear a ton of nudes, I like a bit more color.  I can say though, it is really soft and it smells amazing….like apricots!
Full Size: $8.49 for .11 oz. My Value: $6.17

Final Cost: $10.00
Final Value: $46.10

Yet again, I am really happy with this month’s Ipsy bag!  I love the contour brush, mask and mascara and I can see myself maybe using the lip balm and color stick too….so no product will be wasted. For a $10 bag, it is seriously such a great deal. I love Ipsy!

What are your thoughts?

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(As always, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these things in hopes that other people will get to have the same fun that I do!  I am not compensated in any way.
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