Friday, July 8, 2016

Life Lately....

Well....It's been a long time since I blogged about life.  I have to say, my days with a one year old are really, really busy! I go to work, get home, spend an hour or two playing with NoJo and feeding him, put him to bed, eat dinner, watch a little TV and its off to bed for me.  Rinse and repeat, day in and day out! I feel like I have very little time to myself.

I finally decided to make one big, HUGE, change in my life.  I got a new job.  Now, this may not sound that big to some people, but I have been in the same position for almost ten years now.  Ten years.  Holy cow!  I've been REALLY unhappy for the last few years, but I was just too intimidated with the whole interview process to start looking for something new. I swore I wasn't going to come back after my maternity leave....but here I am at the same place almost a year later. Finally I got so fed up I went through with it!

I have been with the same overall company (a bank) for over 13 years now, so I wanted to stay at the bank.  It took me a few months to find something I'd really like and I even lost out to a job because I was requesting a higher pay than they were willing to give me, but in the end I found something that I hope will be great!  It is the same base pay, but now I will be eligible for around 15-20% of my salary as a bonus on top of that. Yay!! 

I know blogging has been pretty light around here and it will probably continue to be that way until I really get my feet on the ground.  I am finally starting to get used to my routine with Noah and get some real sleep, but I know a new job is going to shake things up again! Hopefully in the near future I can get back to blogging about REAL things!!

Thank you all for sticking around and reading my updates....I hope there will be a lot more in the future!

Also, wish me luck!  I start my new job on Monday.  Eeek!!!

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  1. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy the new job. Change can be scary but also exciting! You'll have to update about how you like it! :)



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