Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Noah - Month 2

I am finally getting a bit closer to being caught up on Noah's life....a bit.  Haha. Here are some photo's from his second month of life! Sooooo many firsts!

One month old!
He loves his daddy so much!

What he wore coming home from the its almost too small!
This is how I had to feed him at C's chairs....just a toilet :/
In the background is his daddy on the "fro meter" which they use to get the crowd to make noise!
A selfie on his first road LA!
He didn't see much of Disney...he was too busy sleeping!
First time at the beach
At the LA Kiss game....sitting right behind Paul Stanley of KISS. Noah's first celebrity encounter!
Starting to enjoy bath time a bit more
His first BBQ holiday....the 4th of July!
He love's his Kick N Play piano!
Starting a nighttime routine....bath
Naked baby!
The swaddles and a book!

Sleeping through more of daddy's games....even when daddy is on the field!

First time in the pool!
Two months old!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful precious baby!! That last one with him smiling and him about to get his bath were my favorites. Congratulations on your gorgeous family.



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