Monday, March 2, 2015

Vegas Baby (moon)!

A few weeks ago C and I took a mini trip for my birthday and also dubbed it our “babymoon.” I wish we could have gone somewhere super exciting and glamorous (aka relaxing haha) for the babymoon but with his season starting in just two weeks, it wasn’t really possible.

So I settled for a weekend in Vegas.  A perfect place for a pregnant woman right?

C had never been and I’ve been itching to go for a while now, so I thought it would be fun to introduce him to the city and spend some time there.  Since I’m not really big into drinking, I was perfectly fine spending a sober weekend there.  All I wanted to do was see a show or two, walk around the strip and play my favorite penny slot machine, Zeus II.
We drove up on Friday night after we both got off of work.  I wish we could have spent longer, but since C is still working retail, getting a few days off in a row (especially on a weekend) is really tough.  After the 5 hour drive we arrived in Vegas around 10pm (11pm AZ time) and immediately checked into our hotel.  Since we were staying only one night, they upgraded us to a fancy suite!  This place had a double door entrance, which was quite exciting.  We had two separate bathrooms, one with a huge Jacuzzi tub and one with a gorgeous rain shower, a living room and another separate sitting area.  All for $87! Treasure Island hotel treated us well.

Fancy double doors!

After dumping our luggage, we hit the strip.  I had so much fun showing C all of the sights and different hotels.  There is soooo much to see in Vegas.  Somehow, I was able to stay up walking around the strip until 3am before my body finally told me that was enough (which actually is 4am AZ time). I am so proud of myself for hanging on that long! Crazy enough, I popped out of bed at 8:30am the next day too, an hour before our alarm was supposed to go off.  I NEVER do that….especially on my birthday. I love sleeping in!  I must have been the excitement of it all :)

The only photo we have of the strip at night...
Saturday was my actually birthday, so after getting ready we headed over to the Venetian resort and had lunch at the Grande Luxe Café.  I don’t know if you have this place where you live (it’s owned by the same company as Cheesecake Factory) but I highly suggest you go if you do. Also, you CAN NOT leave without ordering their beignets for dessert. They are heavenly. We used to have one in AZ but they closed it, so anytime I go to Vegas it’s a must visit place!

Seriously. THE. BEST.
After lunch we headed over to the Cosmopolitan hotel (which is absolutely gorgeous) to do a bit of gambling and also to see some shows at one of my happy places, the Bellagio hotel fountains.  I could sit there for hours watching the water dance in time to the music.  So beautiful.  While we were there some guy came up to ask us if we wanted to go to some club and when I turned around he just started stammering and finally spit out “pregnant.” Oh man, it made my day!  He didn’t think I was pregnant at all until I turned around, then realized we wouldn’t be going to any clubs that night!  Thanks buddy, one of the best moments of my trip!

The bump in the elevator mirror
Later in the day we headed over to our next hotel, the SLS.  This is a new hotel is Vegas on the far end of the strip.  C knows someone who knows someone, so we also got a fancy suite at this hotel for $80.  It was a REALLY trendy hotel, which is fine, but I can’t see it lasting for years to come! This room was pretty cool as well, it was a 2 room suite and everything in it was pretty much white with hints of black and some pink (quite manly yes?).  

After getting ready, we headed over to the Mirage because we had tickets for a show I’ve wanted to see for probably 10 years, the Cirque Du Soleil show, Beatles LOVE. We weren’t super hungry at the time to we grabbed a Starbucks and a protein pack and C sat down at a blackjack table.  20 minutes later we had $100 more than we started with!  

The show was pretty amazing, though for me it was also a bit disappointing.  C had never seen a Cirque du Soleil show so I was really talking them up, telling him about all the crazy, high flying things they do and how incredible it really is.  Well, this show was more about the music than the “cirque” so I was left wanting.  Had I known going in it wasn’t going to be as crazy circus like, I would have really enjoyed it.  Oh well.  Next trip to Vegas I am going to see a different show!
After the show I we had a super tasty burger and friend pickles and wandered around gambling and watching more Bellagio shows.  I was getting super tired at around 10pm so we headed back to our hotel.  After a change into comfier clothes though, I had a burst of energy and I watched C play more black jack for a couple more hours.  I can watch someone play all day, but darn it that game is so intimidating to me in a setting like Vegas!

I snuck this photo of the weren't allowed!
Nothing beats the Bellagio at night....stunning
The next morning we headed back over to the Cosmopolitan for our buffet meal of the trip.  We hit up the Wicked Spoon buffet….oh man was it good!  I love buffets like that, because I am actually comfortable eating the food and there are a lot of different foods I will eat.  C loves Chinese buffets, but I just can’t handle them! The dessert table at the Wicked Spoon was just to die for….I got way too much but I ate almost all of it!

Finally we hit up the Planet Hollywood casino to look for some cheap black jack tables (read $5 or $10 buy ins) and ended up seeing a table where they were playing War. Like the War I used to play when I was 10.  It was sooooo easy!  We stayed there for probably 2 hours.  I finally felt like a real adult playing with real poker chips instead of a flashing penny machine.  So much fun. Before we left, we of course had to hit up one more Bellagio show!
The only time you'll ever see C in heels

 Sadly our time had come to an end and we had to head back to Phoenix.  Why does the drive home always seem so much longer than the way there?  I miss Vegas already, but I’m excited to get to go back for one of C’s games in early April, as long as baby doesn’t complain too much around then.  I’m hoping my body will be able to handle it because I will be over 8 months pregnant by then!

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  1. That sounds like such a fun trip! Happy belated birthday too, by the way!

    You got to play War?! That is awesome. That was always my favorite card game when I was little.



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