Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bowl Bound

Ahhhhhh!!!!!  C’s team made it to the Arena Bowl in New Orleans!

I am so incredibly happy for him. All he wants right now is to win that ring.  It’s been his goal for the past 4 years, since he's been in the league.

The last two weeks have been so stressful.  Everything has been hinged on these playoff games and they both came down to the final seconds.  This week they were down by 9 points with a minute left and I really didn’t think they would win.  I was sitting in the stands trying to figure out what I would say to him after such a tough loss.

His team pulled it off though. Instead of thinking of how to console him, I got to sit in the stands and watch him march across the entire field the instant the game was over, climb the rails to where I was sitting and give me a kiss to celebrate.  The whole time being followed by a news camera.  Uh yeah, I’m pretty sure that moment was recorded!

Now the week of preparation begins.  He and the team left for New Orleans today.  I will miss him these next few days, but it is totally worth it.  My mom and I will fly out there Thursday evening and the game is Friday night.  I’m pretty sure it is the closest I will ever come to a Superbowl!

This weekend is going to be pretty wild regardless.  Attending a stressful football game and then the next day will be even worse.  My mom and I are on a flight that leaves at 5:20am to Columbus, OH for my cousins wedding.  So yes, a game that will end at 12:30am at the earliest, followed by hopefully a long night of celebrating.  I don’t think I will be getting any sleep!

I’m praying for a ring for him…..hopefully the next ring will be FROM him!

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