Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eight Letters

So…..more news about my Florida trip….and it has to do with C.

To backtrack, I went to Vegas for 4 days. I came home and saw him for about an hour.  Then met up with him again for a few hours with my brother in tow that evening.  I flew to Florida early the next morning. I was gone for 4 more days.

While I was gone we text occasionally throughout the day and talked on the phone for about 30 minutes each evening (which is big for us, neither of us are real big chatters). He would send the sweetest texts about how he missed me.  I was mush.  In a good way J

On my third night in Florida I was sitting around doing a puzzle with my mom and I got a text from him.  I hadn’t talked to him in a few hours, so of course I smiled when I saw his name come up.  It said “Can I tell you something.” Instantly, my heart skipped a beat.  I just had a feeling.  I said “What babe?” His reply…..

“I think I am in love with u.”


I didn't even know what to do.  I was so happy. Shocked. Speechless.  My mom and brother immediately asked me what was wrong. I wordlessly showed them my phone and they both agreed with my woah.

I didn't know what to say back. I certainly felt it too.  I even kind of knew in the back of my head that it was coming.  For days I had been day dreaming about how he would tell me.  That or how I would accidently slip up and say it and cause a REALLY awkward moment.

I had two immediate thought:  1) Is he drunk? 2) Seriously? You told me this over a text?!?

I was a little worried that he may be drinking with friends and that’s why he “decided” to tell me.  Instead of telling him back, I asked him to tell me in person when I got home.  That way, if he meant it, he would tell me again. I really wanted to say it back…..but I wasn’t going to just in case.

As for my second thought, I was pretty bummed that he had told me over text (although obviously elated that he felt the same way I did). Here I was dreaming up grand, romantic ways he would tell me and all I get was a stinkin text? His next text made up for it though.  He told me he wanted to wait, but he couldn’t.  So cute.  At that point, I realized it didn’t matter.  He told me in the perfect way.  While I had been gone for days, he realized that he cared about me enough that he had to tell me right then.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world now.
(The text that started it all)

(The first time he said "I love you")

Still…..I wasn’t going to say it back. I wasn’t even sure if he would remember what he did.  A day went by and we called each other “love” over a few texts (we had already been doing this) but no mention of the three little words. I was a bit bummed.

On my last day in Florida on my way back from Disney World (it was about an hour and a half drive from Tampa) he sent me a text that said “I don’t know if I told you this or not, but I love you.”  I text back, “You really don’t know if you told me or not?”  He did….he was just making sure I knew.  That was his way of bringing the subject back up. This time I couldn’t help myself and told him that I loved him too.

I couldn’t wait to hear it in person.  I still love hearing it in person.  He loves me. I love him. How did I get so lucky?!?

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