Friday, March 18, 2016

Noah - Month 9

I can't believe this dude is already 9 months old!  He has been out of my belly now just as long as he was in there.  Crazy!

This month he is crawling like a crazy man and loves pulling himself up to a standing position. He will be walking before we know it!  The only problem with the standing...he's learned to do it in his crib!  He wakes up in the middle of the night, stands up and cries. Phew. It's exhausting sometimes.

Speaking of his crib, he still isn't sleeping well. He used to sleep through the night, but ever since he got sick a few months ago he hasn't been back to that.  I think his cough wakes him up....poor guy.

This month he started at 15.2 pounds and ended at 16 pounds.  He also grew half an inch longer, making him a full 28 inches.  My little man is growing! We are still breastfeeding...I can't believe mama's milk has kept a human alive and growing for 9 whole months!

There aren't a ton of exciting things that went on in January/February, but Noah did get to experience his first petting zoo!  He met a turkey, goat, bunny, goose and a few other fluffy creatures.  He also took his first bath in the sink, which he absolutely loved!

To Infinity and Beyond!

First scratch on his face from crawling off the bed!


Selfie with a Turkey....

Got to pet all sorts of animals at the school petting zoo!

Had his first bath in the sink....and loved it!

My little man. 9 months old already?!

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