Friday, March 11, 2016

Noah - Month 8

I got pretty far behind on these....whoops!  Life has really caught up to me and its hard to find time to blog anymore. I want to at least share Noah's pics for the first year though. I want to be able to look back on this time and remember everything!

In his Eighth month we celebrated his first Christmas!  He wasn't too sure of what was going on, but he played nicely with all his new toys while we sat with daddy, Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle to open gifts.

He also got sick for the first time this month, which was a big bummer.  We spent many nights awake coughing and had plenty of "steam" sessions in the bathroom to try and fight it off.  It was rough because daddy had to fly back to Maryland for a funeral, so it was just mommy and Noah through it all.

Halfway through the month our little peanut weighed 14.2 pounds and is staying steady at 27.5 inches.

Little man got sick for the first time....I was oogling his curls as we "steamed" in the bathroom
Noah's first Ugly Sweater Party!

"Opening" his first present...with his new little teeth!


First picture with Santa....its perfect!

Opening a present on Christmas Eve

Playing cards with daddy

Christmas morning....matching jammies!

First time sitting in the grocery cart

First time sitting in a restaurant high chair!

Zoo Lights!

Me and my little man...I love this photo!

First Carousel ride!

Riding a dino!

8 months....I love that smile!

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