Monday, August 11, 2014


Well guys, it happened, C and the Rattlers won their last playoff game and are now headed to the Arena Bowl.....for the third straight year!

The team in the other division that had a better record than us also it looks like I am headed to Cleveland next week!

A fan captured our kiss after the game.....way blurry though!
 It's not like I have a wedding or anything two weeks after that :/  Oh man, I don't think I could stack anything else on my plate right now! 

It's ok though.  I love that the team gets the chance to play for the title again, I would follow C anywhere to watch him play!
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  1. yea and congrats! that is still a cute pic of the two of you...even if blurry :) enjoy the play off game!

  2. Congrats to him!! Have a great time!



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