Friday, August 2, 2013

Food Across America

Speaking of my brother, he is moving soon! He has been stationed in upstate New York at a power plant (he is a Nuclear Engineer in the Navy) for years now.  He just got orders recently to go to Seattle. Yay! Seattle is so much closer to Arizona than New York!
That being said, he is planning on shipping all of his stuff straight from New York to Seattle.  Then, he is going to drive from New York to Arizona. 
He asked me to create what he calls….drum roll please….”The trip in which I will eat too much.”
Basically, he wants me to map out a path for him to hit up a ton of famous and tasty  food places along his route. There are a few routes he can go, so I want to find the one with the best food!
Here are some cities/states he could be driving through:
Trip One/Two
Syracuse/Rochester/Buffalo, New York
Erie, Indiana
Cleveland/Dayton, Ohio
Indianapolis, Indiana
St. Louis/Springfield, Missouri
Kansas City, Wichita, Kansas
Tulsa/Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Amarillo, Texas
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trip Three
New York City, NY
Trenton, New Jersey
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Wilmington, Delaware
Baltimore, Maryland
Richmond/Lexington, Virginia
Knoxville/Nashville/Memphis, Tennessee
Little Rock, Arkansas
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Amarillo, Texas
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Trip three is a little different because C and I will be in Maryland at the same time and I’d love for my brother to stop for a day and meet C’s family! It only adds 3 hours total on to the trip, so it’s not too far out of the way!

Does anyone know of any famous food places or must-eat restaurants near these cities? He’s not really worried about the fastest route, he wants the best food!

Oh yeah and today is his birthday!  Happy Birthday S!!!

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  1. I live in St. Louis - remind me and I will get some places for him to eat.

  2. I can give you restaurants in Trenton, NJ there are about four famous bar/restaurants he has to try one. I'd love to share for him.

    Color Me Brave

  3. IDK if the 11th-18th of August is too early, but there will be an Indian Market going on those dates! -in Santa Fe New Mexico
    And its HUGE!!!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!

  4. What a fun project! I wish I had some advice to offer but I've been out of the US for way too long.



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