Monday, October 22, 2012

Michigan Trip, Part III

Whoops....time has gotten away from me! On to part three.

After visiting the new Michigan State football facility we plugged in the address for C’s sons mothers house. Man, that’s a mouthful. Let’s just called her N.   I was so incredibly nervous for this meeting, as I am sure C was also.  The plan was to just show up unannounced. At least to C’s son K, N knew we were coming.  K had been begging C to come for his birthday for quite a while but C kept telling him he just couldn’t make it. 
So we pulled up and knocked on the door.  K answered.  It was honestly a little bit uncomfortable, because he didn’t seem excited at all.  Maybe he was in shock?  We went in the house and K went right back to the couch and started playing his video game. Huh?  Is this what you do when your dad travels across the country to see you on your birthday?  Granted, he is 8, but still. 
I said hi to N and gave her a hug.  It wasn’t nearly as awkward as I thought it was going to be.  I’m pretty sure I know why too.  Full disclosure?  It’s because she wasn’t as pretty as I thought she would be.  I know that sounds so terrible, but I had completely built her up in my head.  She was a total supermodel in my mind and when I found out that she wasn’t……..I felt relieved. I know, I’m horrible.
C thought it would be fun to take K somewhere, but when we asked, his really seemed disinterested.  I guess I could understand that. Your dad who you rarely see and a stranger show up and want to take you away from your mom?  I wouldn’t want to go either!  Finally we were able to convince him to go to the Burger King playland with us J After an hour or so he warmed up and we were able to have some fun.  He opened all of his Star Wars presents that we have so conveniently carried on the plane with us and spent a lot of time in the play place.
After a little stop at Wal-Mart for some necessities (our luggage STILL hadn’t arrived) and a big Hershey’s bar for K (how proceeded to get it all over his face), we dropped him back off and went to C’s friend’s house where we were staying for the evening. 
The night we went out for dinner with their crew, where we made sure to get some rather large margaritas.  I think we deserved it.  Then we went to a mini birthday gathering for one of the MSU staff.  The head coach was there again….and I was still in the same clothes he saw me in last haha. We were still in the same clothes we had left Phoenix in over 30 hours ago.  I was feeling pretty gross!  Our luggage was supposed to arrive a few hours earlier….but of course it still hadn’t. It was a nice evening, but I was exhausted and really just wanted to sleep.

Giant margarita's and what feels like week old clothes...

The next morning I awoke to the most beautiful sight ever….C bringing in my luggage!  Finally I could wear clean clothes!  We got up and got ready (I used my own makeup!) and then headed over to campus again to see what kind of MSU gear we could find for me.  C said they had all sorts of shirts and clothes that would be really cheap.  I think times have changed though because they weren’t nearly as cheap as he thought they would be!
After lunch at C’s favorite old hang out, Georgio’s pizza, we headed out to the hotel we’d be staying in for the rest of the trip.  We got ready for the game, picked up K and then we were off to tailgate!

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