Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Did I Get Myself Into?

A month or so ago I had a friend ask me if I was still looking for a roommate.  I wasn’t actively looking, although I wasn't going to turn down the idea either. Even though I love living alone, the idea of extra money really appealed to me. She said it would only be for a few months so I thought that would be perfect.  We agreed on an amount and it was settled.

I clearly didn’t think this through.  Here’s why:

She recently lost her steady job, so her car has been repossessed. 
She doesn’t have money to pay for a cell phone.
She is PREGNANT – with no real support from baby daddy.
She just signed up for food stamps.
She got a DUI a while ago (pre-baby) and just last week had to serve jail time.
Now she has to do house arrest for a month… my house!

When she first asked, I just felt so sorry for her.  My place was a perfect location for her to live, because she had since gotten a new job that is about a mile away (so she could walk to work). I wanted to help her get back on her feet and save money for a place of her own and for the baby.

Now I am not so sure how I feel.  As soon as she moved in she made herself right at home.  She has been eating all my food and I suspect she is going through my closet because my clothes are missing. I mean she ate all my girl scout cookies for goodness sakes, you can’t get those back!  She also ate the “supplies” I had purchased to make decorative cupcakes for C’s birthday (various candies). I had to go to the store and buy them again. 

I’m trying so hard to just be accepting and not selfish.  I have lived on my own now for over 3 years (short temporary roommates like this excluded), so I am not used to someone just helping themselves to my stuff.  I know she is in a tough situation and if I have the space, why not help someone out?

Ugh, its just so hard.  Please God give me strength and patience!

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