Friday, April 20, 2012

Radio Silence….A.K.A. Vacation!

So….my brother Shay is coming to Phoenix on Sunday!  I am so incredibly excited.  Having your best friend living at the opposite end of the United States (upstate NY) stinks.  Being in the Navy his work schedule is always funky and the 3 hour time difference doesn’t help!  But for the next two weeks….he is all mine!

We planned on going to C’s game on Sunday after he landed, but C is still injured.  Hopefully he will play next week. Anywho, I guess that means we will have to find something else to do.  I’m sure Cheesecake Factory and In N Out will be on his list of “must visit” places, we can shove our faces full of tasty food. J

Monday we are heading to Vegas!  His Navy friend is coming along on the trip and he has never been to Phoenix or Vegas.  I always love seeing places I am familiar with through someone else’s eyes when they visit for the first time. I always find a new appreciate for things. The boys have all sorts of plans for Vegas. Cirque du Soleil shows, indoor sky diving, and go kart racing top the list. You know the normal things.  The boys tried to make me pack a suit because they want to “suit up.” Sorry, not going to happen.  I will not be wearing a work suit in Vegas. I want to look cute!  They seriously went and bought new suits for this trip.  Clearly they have too much disposable income!

After Vegas we are driving back home to Phoenix and then flying to Tampa Bay, FL with my mom to visit my grandmother.  I have a feeling it will be four days on non-stop card playing, puzzles and beach visits.  Sounds perfect to me.  Shay and I are also planning on going to the happiest place on earth. Yep that’s right, DISNEYWORLD!  Woo hoo!  My brother knew if he asked me if I wanted to go there’s no way I’d ever say no.  I seriously love that place!

I’m thankful that I am coming home for at least one evening in between trips.  That means I don’t have to go a whole week and a half without seeing C.  Yeah, I’m sappy like that.  But not ashamed of it!  Plus, I really want him to meet and get to know my brother as much as possible since Shay doesn’t come home very often.

This will be a much needed vacation for me since I have been so busy at work with tax season.  It will probably complete radio silence here as I will be busy having fun!

Over and out!

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