Thursday, May 5, 2016

Noah - Month 11

Well here we are, another month closer to one!  It just goes so, so fast!

We haven't had a doctors appointment in a few months now, so I don't really know his exact height and weight.  What I do know is he is finally out of 6 months clothes and into 9 month sizes!  He also switched to size 3 diapers. If I had to guess I would say he has crossed the 18 pound mark and he is steadily moving upward. The boy is finally growing and catching up to where he should be!

This month we celebrated his first Easter.  We went to a friend's Church where we visited a petting zoo and did an Easter egg hunt.  By "hunt" I meant I sat him in a pile of little eggs and he picked up a few around him.  He loves shaking them though and putting him in his mouth!

Getting a monthly picture is getting increasingly harder, this little man will not sit still!  He loves to turn around and grab the sticker off of the back of the chair.  Only one more picture to go though!

Visiting daddy at football practice

Easter egg hunt!

Hair salon visit with mommy

Easter basket goodies!

Flying Superhero art from daycare haha

He loves blackberries....messy messy!


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  1. He is so darn cute! I love his overalls in the first picture.



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