Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Noah - Month 10

I can't believe my little man is passing 10 months old!  I feel like it is just yesterday he joined our family.  I was always told "they grow so fast," but man it is really the truth! 

Noah got a couple more teeth this month on the top, giving him a total of 4.  Funny thing is they are not the middle teeth.  He looks like a little vampire!

He is 28 inches tall and 16.1 pounds, but I am going to guess he ended the month closer to 17 pounds!  He seems to be getting bigger by the day.  He is crawling like crazy and loves to pull himself to a standing position.  He is VERY observant and watches everything!  He loves to explore!

This month he went to the park for the first time and went down his first slide and got into a swing for the first time. He loved the swing, but not so much the slide!  We also got him dedicated at church on the 4 year anniversary of the day mommy and daddy met. It was perfect timing!

At the park!

First time on a slide...he didn't love it.

First taste of dirt....nom nom.

First time on a swing....he loved it!


Watching basketball with daddy

Bubble bath time!

Dedication day with grammy and grandpa

Looking sharp in his suit!


I love this pic, his shirt says "My daddy" and it is C's football number

Being mischievous and getting into a box

"I own the night" is the full truth.  He is still not doing so great at sleeping!!

10 month smiles!

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