Friday, January 15, 2016

Noah - Month 7

Noah's 7th month of life was so much fun! He hit a few milestones and we also celebrated some of his first major Holidays together (Thanksgiving and Christmas).  He was a little under the weather for the first time from his 6 month shots and was full blown sick for the first time on his 7th month birthday.  Also on his 7th month birthday....he got 2 bottom teeth! We had a bit of an issue with weight gain (he was in the 0.3% for a little while) and Noah was almost put on formula, but mommy figured out her low supply issue after lots of work and he gained 1 pound in three weeks. By the end of the month he weighed 14.25 pounds and was 27.5 inches long!

Bear with me, there are a ton of photos this month!

The back on one of Noah's Rattler onesies :)

Skinny little man!

Waiting on the doctor

6 month shots :(

Not feeling so hot the day after his shots

Family picture day!

Yum, shoes!


He got to eat sweet potatoes and avocado...and thoroughly enjoyed them!

Black Friday shopping with mommy!

Putting up the Christmas tree!

Mommy made me wear these, ugh.

Visiting mommy at work!

First Daycare Christmas pageant....Noah is on the left

He rode in a cart around the Church with his infant class...he wasn't impressed

Selfie with Mater!

Elf selfie!

Getting hand-sy with the Frozen ladies


Sitting in the turbine of a brand new Southwest Plane!

Photo shoot time!
Noah and his Naughty or Nice Photo Shoot

I love his "tough" face in this one

7 months old!
 (He was sick this day, so we didn't have a super happy smiley baby)

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