Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Noah - Month 6

Noah's 6th month of life brought so many exciting firsts!  He went to his first concert (Garth Brooks!), took his first flight and trip to Maryland, dressed up for his first Halloween and ate his first real food! He is still such an incredibly happy baby and is moving right along in his development. His was 12.9 pounds and a bit over 25 inches at his 6 month appointment.
He loves our cat October and gets so excited when he sees her.  His feet are always in his mouth (resulting in wet socks half the time) and he drools like a crazy man.  Teeth are imminent!

5 Months

First concert....Garth Brooks!

Yum toes!

First flight....off to Maryland we go!

First time crabbing under the pier in Maryland

First pedicure with mommy

First time visiting Grandma Dukes :(

Mommy had to buy new clothes so Noah would stay warm in Maryland!

Drool face!


Airport traveling in jammies is the life

Fell asleep with his bottle haha

Petting the kitty

He was over his costume....

Halloween dreamin, We wore him out!

First food....avocado!

Best I could do....he is such a wiggle worm now!

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