Football Life

C plays Arena Football for the Arizona Rattlers.

Arena Football is a lot like the NFL, with some key differences, which you can read about here. One of those being money!  While it is still a professional league, the players do not get nearly as much money as they do in the NFL.

Yes, C did play in the NFL.  I wish I would have known him then, but alas, I've only gotten to experience his Arena career here in Arizona.  At least it has been a good one, they have won the Championship (the Arena Bowl) twice in a row!  You can read more about C's NFL career and his position here.

Arena Football, for some reason, is not promoted heavily.  That being said, their fans are all die-hards, which is awesome.  I'd say an average for their games is about 11,000 people and growing, which isn't insubstantial.

Living our life in the semi-public eye can sometimes be very interesting.  I do have to be careful about how I act sometimes and what I say, because I know that the fans watch. I wouldn't ever want to do anything that would put C's reputation at risk.

In the Arena Football League, players are A LOT more accessible. After each game, they stay and sign autographs for all of the fans.  Many of the fans are friends with the players on facebook and even have some of their phone numbers.  It's a fine line that is sometimes hard to establish. There are definitely fans that cross the line though.  We've had one even try to invite themselves on our vacation before!

Along with fans.....there are what we like to refer to as football bimbos.  I don't think I need to even give much more of an explanation of those!  Thankfully, I trust C completely so I never worry about them, but they can still sometimes make things awkward!  If you'd like to hear more stories about fans or football bimbos you can go here.

So there you have it!  That's a bit about the "football life" I am currently living.  Have any questions? Just ask!
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