Friday, November 29, 2013

Help Me With My Christmas Cards!

Well now that our bellies are full of turkey (or ham in my case), our thanks have been given and Black Friday is in full is now appropriate to talk about Christmas!  Woo hoo!

C and have already put up our tree and decorations. You guys, he let me buy these awesome black, brown and leopard print ornaments this year. Leopard print!  It looks awesome, I will post a pic soon!

Last year was our first Christmas together and we started a tradition.  Each year we are going to shop for a new ornament that represents the year (which we will mark somewhere on the ornament) and put it on our tree.  Someday we will have a tree full of ornaments that are special to us which I really love.

This year, we also decided to do Christmas cards together! We haven’t quite decided which look to go for….so that is where you guys come in!  I would really love your help and suggestions.

When starting my hunt for cards I went straight to Tiny Prints.  They are part of the Shutterfly family of brands and their stuff is just great. It was hard to even narrow it down to just a few for you all to help me with, I love them all that much!

So I was wondering….can you help me?

First off, I think this design is so beautiful.  I love the foil stamped gold “snow.” I probably love it even more since that’s not something we ever see in Arizona!
I think this one is great too! C and I could include lots of pictures of our adventures on this card.  I love the bright colors too.  My favorite is the brown color, it’s different for this time of year but I think it still works.
Third, the way this card folds out is great! My favorite part of this card is the message, “Joy and Blessings.” We could include several photos of our adventures on this one too!
This card is really neat….it is clear!  I just love how unique that is. I can’t even decide which color style is my favorite!

The message on this card is really great. It says "Blessed is the season." It has such a Christmas feel to it too, which I love. I can't decide if I like the classic black font color or the bright yellow!
 Next, I am really intrigued by the shape of this one.  I have never seen circle cards before.  I think it looks so elegant.  The black and gold are so pretty together. These can be used as ornaments too, which I think it so fun!
 Finally, I think it would be really fun to do this one and use a silly “ugly sweater” picture with the two of us and our pets (a cat and a fish).  I think it would make people giggle!
 I wish I could order one of each of their cards….there are just so many that I love! You can find them all here!

What do you guys think? Which are your favorites? Which should C and I use this year?
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Starbox Review - November

Time to show you my fourth Starbox!  As I said last time, I like this box, though I am not sure I love it as much as others.  The products are always great, they just aren’t great for ME. I will definitely be giving it another month or two though, so I can at least get the December box, which will have a $99 eye shadow palette in it!

If you don’t remember, Starbox is a monthly beauty box that is $15 a month (plus a few dollars S&H) and comes with 3-4 FULL SIZED products each time.  No tiny lotion samples!

The website says the makeup line is comparable to MAC, Chanel, Sephora and other department store lines.  It also says that the value of each monthly box ranges from $35.00 to $99.00.

So here we go….the November Starbox!
  1. Starlooks Infinity Pot Liner in Orion– .12 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ok how funny is it that just last week I was telling you of my love for gel eyeliners?!?  This one is a bright color, but I am going to give it a try and see if I can make it work. You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s a really pretty blue green jewel tone. I love the color….just not sure how it will look on my eyes! The description says you can use it as a cream shadow as well, so I may go that route with it.
            Full Size: $13.00 My Value: $13.00

  1. Starlooks Slanted Liner Brush #824– (FULL SIZE)
How perfect! They included an awesome slanted brush (also similar to what I mentioned in my favs post) to go with the eye liner!
Full Size: $13.00 My Value: $13.00

  1. Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palette in “Monaco” – .38 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ooo eyeshadow, one of my favs!  I wish I like the colors a little more though.  I am a fan of bright colors…but there are a little out there even for me.  I think I will probably be able to use 4 of the 5 though, so this is a win in my book!  No bright orange for me….I just can’t do it!
Full Size: $41.00 My Value: $41.00

  1. BONUS – Eye and Lip Pencil Sharpener – (FULL SIZE)
Looks like they randomly decided to throw this in haha.  Too bad I have a ton of these already!
Full Size: $1.00 My Value: $1.00

Final Cost: $17.58
Final Value: $73.00

I like this box a little more than last months.  The eye shadows really bump it up for me and the liner brush is awesome too!  I hope that I can find a use for the liner as well!  The color is seriously gorgeous.

What do you think?

Like last month, I got a note in the box that said the December box is going to include a $99 fifteen shade eye shadow palette.  Hello?  That is totally worth $15!  I’m thinking it will be a variation of this one.

If you’d like to try Starbox and make sure you get the awesome December box, you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

It's a Lovely Beauty Giveaway!

Ok I am not gonna lie, I didn't have any time this weekend to write a super awesome post to go along with this giveaway, so I am going to just get right to it!

I am super excited today to bring you a great giveaway thanks to all of the sponsors of Southern Beauty Guide (including me of course)! We have all pulled together to bring you a Beauty Lovers Dream! There are tons of ways for you to gain a chance to win, so hop to it!

Happy Holidays & Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Iced Tea

I am absolutely and totally addicted to iced tea.

Every single weekday morning for the past three or so years I have taken a little mini trek across the plaza at my office to get a nice cold 32 ounce cup of tropical iced tea from the local cafe. 

This little café charges a lot for their tea, in my opinion. $1.75 a cup. I recently decided to try making my own at work with an iced tea maker, but it just isn’t the same.  I don’t know why that darn paper cup with the red and white coca cola symbol just tastes so much better! I even ordered the same brand (Passport Brand, Tropical flavor), but alas, I still like it more when someone else makes it.

Still though, in an effort to save almost $9 a week and $35 a month, I am making my own.  I’d say maybe once a week I give in and get a cup from the café.  At least I am saving a little money right?

My question to you is this….do you drink iced tea? 

What are your favorite flavors/brands? 

Maybe I just need to try something new!

Speaking of new….I ventured into Teavana the other day and bought a Chocolate Peppermint tea and a Spiced Caramel Apple tea. I can say one thing about that place, though the tea is DARN good, I will never ever go back!  Holy cow that place is expensive!  It cost me $30 for 2 ounces of two different teas and a 1 pound bag of rock sugar.  2 ounces!  That’s like 4 cups of tea maybe?

So again…..any new tea suggestions for me?  Preferably brands that don’t cost an arm and a leg!  Loose leaf or tea bags, doesn’t make a difference!
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ipsy Bag Review - November

Ipsy time! Ipsy time! Ipsy time!

I can’t say it enough, this is my absolute favorite bag to get for the price!  If you are looking to start a beauty subscription, I would definitely try Ipsy first.

As you know this box is $10 a month and it’s my absolute favorite!  I always love pretty much everything that I get.
So here we go….Novembers Ipsy bag! 

  1. .em Michelle Phan Lash Gallery Mascara - .236 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ooo a full size mascara?!?  Awesome!  So much better than those dinky little samples.  The box says Ipsy subscribers are the FIRST to try out this new brand. That’s kind of exciting! I hope it works well J
            Full Size: $20.00 My Value: $20.00

  1. Pixi Beauty Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched - .11 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I am really excited for this as well.  I have been trying new foundations and I can’t color match for the life of me so they have been a bit too light.  This will be perfect to use over them to bring my face back to a normal color!
Full Size: $18.00 (comes with Kabuki brush) My Value: $18.00

3)  Nailtini Nailpolish in Caviar Cocktail - .5 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Gggrr….I really wish I was a fan of nail polish like this. I just can’t stand it on my nails though!  Anything but pale colors drives me nuts.  Ipsy seems to be a big fan of this brand, I know I have gotten several over the last year from them.  I saw some bags had a different color, I would have preferred that one more. Bummer.
Full Size: $13.00  My Value: $13.00

4)   Be a Bombshell Lip Crayon in Hot Damn– .9 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Again, with the color.  I think I would have really liked this product if it were in a different color!  This red is just too orangey for my complexion, I know just looking at it that it won’t work.  Boo.
Full Size: $14.00  My Value: $14.00

5)  GlamGlow Youthmud Masque – .5 oz.
Ooo I can’t wait to try this!  For some reason lately I have been addicted to masks like this. Half the time I can’t even tell a difference, but I still feel like I am doing something for my skin (which hopefully I am). Hopefully this doesn’t burn too much.
Full Size: $69.00 1.7 oz.  My Value:$20.29

6)  Starlooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst – (FULL SIZE)
Another eyeliner that I don’t know how to use. Sigh.  It seems to be a really pretty color too!
Full Size: $14.00 My Value: $14.00

Final Cost: $10.00
Final Value: $99.29

Um?  That final value total is amazing!  I am pretty sure this is the highest valued box I have ever received….higher priced boxes included!

I know I will definitely be using several of these items and passing on a few, but they are still great items for someone that can use them!

How can you not love Ipsy?  The products are great and the price is amazing!

If you’d like to give it a try…..use my referral link?  Pretty please?  :)

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these things in hopes that other people will get to have the same fun that I do!  I am not compensated in any way.)
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Monday, November 18, 2013

Pumpkins and their Seeds

This will be a short one since I am actually on vacation (again….I know).  I should be back later in the week though and of course I will tell you all about it!

Just in case you are wondering, C and I are heading to sunny Jacksonville, Florida to hit the beach for a few days and see a football game.

Anywho…..I thought I’d share with you a bit about our Halloween!  Yeah, I know. I’m really late on this.'s our pumpkins! Can you tell who did what?
Of course you can!  Disney and a football team (Michigan State Spartans).  Duh.  Are we stereotypical male/female or what? 

After we carved our pumpkins, we baked some yummy pumpkin seeds.  Oh man I love those things.  In fact, I love them so much that I went out and bought 4 more pumpkins after Halloween (clearance priced woo hoo) just for the seeds.

Last Saturday C and I spent the day dreaming up pumpkin seed recipes. Some were tasty and some were a definite bust!

Flavors we tried:
  • Plain with salt
  • Season Salt
  • Chipotle Chili powder and salt
  • Mustard powder with salt (fail)
  • Dill powder and salt (fail)
  • Sriracha sauce and salt
  • Soy Sauce soaked
  • Garlic salt (fail)

My favorites were the plain, chipotle and sriracha.  I will definitely be making them again with those ingredients!  I realize we were reaching with a few of those, but we were having fun pulling spices out of the cabinet to try!

Do you have any pumpkin seed recipes you love?

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Friday, November 15, 2013

My Favorite Fall Activity

Even though I spent the entire weekend in bed a few weeks ago I made a point to leave the house for my favorite fall activity…..the Demolition Derby!
Have you guys ever been?  It’s kind of awesome. 
It happens one weekend every year here at the Arizona State Fair. They have a bunch of old clunker cars with the windows busted out and the doors welded shut line up on opposite ends of a wet dirt field and when the flag drops they just crash into each other over and over again….on purpose!  The last car to move and make an actual hit is the winner. 
I always make it a point to go see this every year and this year did not disappoint!  In fact there was a first….a car flipped! They said in the almost 50 years they had been doing this particular derby, that had never happened.
It was kind of awesome once the driver crawled out and we could see that he was ok. They took two tow trucks and were able to flip the car back over.  The driver climbed back in and turned the ignition….and the car started!  In fact, the exhaust pipe on the hood of the car (I assume this  was for looks and loud sounds) starting shooting dirt and dust out of it. Talk about a moment!
On the first night there was one woman driver.  Can you find her in this picture?
Yep, that would be her in the pink car on the outskirts while all the boys are getting their hands dirty and banging into each other.  She drove around the outskirts and never hit anyone. Finally, someone came and knocked her out of bounds so she couldn’t do anything.  I think she did exactly what I would have done!

On the last night, there was a bit of a controversy.  As I mentioned before, the last car to make a hit is the winner. Well, on the final night, there was only one car moving around because all of the others had either broken down or were pinned in.  The driver, assuming he was the winner, drove off the dirt field and went to park his car!  He never actually made a final hit.  The announcer was yelling at him to come back to the arena but he just kept going on his merry way, thinking he had won.  I never did find out if they ended up declaring him the winner, I didn’t feel like waiting around for them to scour the rule book. 
The aftermath
After the derby we explored the fair a little more munching on various foods. My favorite is definitely Wisconsin cheese curds!  Mmm mmm those things are so yummy.  I also found this bit of amazingness…
I didn’t try anything this year, but you better believe I am going to be all over that food stand next year!
What are your favorite things to do at the State Fair?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beauty Box Five Review - November

Another Beauty Box Five!  I got an email notice this was coming a few days ago.  I thought that was really odd since I have never gotten a notice before. Also because I still don’t subscribe and pay anymore! They haven’t taken me off of their list even though I cancelled several months ago.

As I’ve said, this box is $12 a month. I think it is $10 a month if you get a 3 or 6 month subscription.

The theme this month is “primp. prep. sparkle.” (Note, no capital letters. Is that trendy?)

So here it is…the November Beauty Box Five box! 
  1. Aveeno positively Nourishing Calming Body Wash – 2 oz.
Ooo yay! Another Aveeno product that I can just buy at Target for $1 in the travel section. Not.
            Full Size: $6.99 for 16 oz. My Value:$0.87

  1. Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant – 1.6 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Deodorant? Really? Good news is the box came with a coupon for another free deodorant by this same brand. I can’t complain about that I guess.
Full Size: $7.99 My Value: $7.99

3)  Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Cooling Face Mask – One Mask (FULL SIZE)
I like masks, so I guess this ok. I much rather it be cooling then the kind that burns!
Full Size: $2.49 My Value: $2.49

4)   Bellapierre Cosmetic Glitters in Greenastic – .13 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Green glitter?  How in the world do you use green glitter?  I wish I didn’t have another full container of green glitter sitting at home. That’s way too much green glitter.  Also, who is their right mind pays $15 bucks for a container of glitter?!?
Full Size: $14.99 My Value: $14.99

5)  Be a Bombshell Eye Crayon in Scandalous – .09 oz. (FULL SIZE)
I think this would probably be the best thing in the box….if I actually used eye liner pens!  Hopefully I can gift this to someone who does J
Full Size: $14.00  My Value: $14.00

Final Cost: $12.00
Final Value: $40.34

Even though the value of this box looks good on paper, I still don’t like it at all.  Deodorant and body wash that I can buy at Target? That’s not exciting by any means! I love the other boxes (like Ipsy and Lip Factory) because there is a much better variety and usually they are brands I don’t know much about. 

Obviously, I don’t plan on signing up again nor would I recommend it to anyone.  Although, if they keep sending me free ones I will obviously accept!

What beauty boxes do you get that you really like?

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these things in hopes that other people will get to have the same fun that I do!  I am not compensated in any way.)

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Cara Box Reveal - Round Two

After having so much fun during the last round of the Cara Box exchange, I decided to do it again!  I really liked the more extended format this time around.  I was a lot less confused as to who was who and not rushing to really get to know my partners.

This theme for this round was “Fall” In Love With the Season.  Who doesn’t love fall?!?  It was nice to talk with my partners about what their likes  and dislikes of the season are. Personally, I don’t understand the pumpkin latte thing. Or really much of pumpkin anything!  But I do love boots and the scents of fall.

My first partner was Jordan over at All The Small Things.  We really had a great connection.  I think we sent several “vent” type emails to each other! It’s nice to meet someone you can tell everything to and who you know has your back even if you’ve never met!  As she is moving around a bit right now, she asked that I hold off on sending her box for a bit until she is settled so I am going to send it this weekend.  Her reveal should be up soon!

My second partner was Kara over at The Simple Life Blog.  I love the box she sent me!  It was awesome getting to know her as well. She is an east coaster and grew up in the agriculture industry, so working with the livestock and educating about agriculture is something she is really passionate about. I’d love to learn more, but the closest I get to that subject is looking at the cows on display at the state fair!
She sent me an awesome package of goodies!  The first thing I pulled out was the mug.  I mean, hello, that screams fall!  Plus, inside were three packs of hot chocolate that sound so tasty.  I am sad I am probably going to have to share those with C! Next I pulled out the Peach Buds.  I have never heard of these but oh man were they good!  They last forever too.

After shoving a peach bud in my mouth (and in C’s too) I pulled out the EOS lip balm.  I have seen this stuff everywhere. I’ve really wanted to try it, so I was quite excited to see it in my box! The flavor is pomegranate raspberry and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing!  The size is just a bit chunky for me, but I plan on keeping this as my nightly chapstick that I keep on my bedside table. I seriously can’t fall asleep without chapstick on!

Next up were the cute little city notecards!  I can wait to write little notes in these. They really are adorable.  I wonder who I am going to write to first?!?

Finally, and my favorite thing of the bunch, was an adorable car freshener from Bath and Body Works.  I absolutely love it!  C and I share a car, so I kind of giggled when I told him I was going to put it in the car.  He was a little unsure until I opened the scent packet. It’s Pumpkin Cupcake and it smells absolutely incredible! C drove one of his teammates to physical therapy and he told me they had an actual conversation about how good it smelled haha.  Yes, men did that!  I actually went out last night and bought more refills for it since they are having a sale right now!

I really had a lot of fun with my second round of the Cara box exchange!  I am so happy to have “met” both of these gals and I know we will continue to be friends!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

My Top Three Makeup Must-Haves!

I know I talk about beauty boxes all the time but today I thought I’d make it a little more personal.

I wanted to share with you guys my top three makeup must-haves!

I have been using two of these since high school and I see no sign of stopping :)

First up……MAC Cosmetics Fluidline in Black Track ($16)

I adore this gel eyeliner!  It wasn’t too long after I started wearing makeup that I learned that I can’t use a regular eye pencil. I tried and tried but I was just terrible at it.  It wouldn’t really draw on my eyelid and pressing too hard caused a problem with my contacts. So I moved on to liquid eye liner. But then….I found this little pot of amazingness!  It glides on so smooth and I can control the width of the line so easily.  I highly suggest it.  I use it every single day. They also have other fun colors too, if you are adventurous.  At one time I was….but I haven’t used my purple, gold, or bronze colors in a very long time. I’d say it lasts me maybe 8-12 months and I wear it every day. Totally worth the price.  By the way, I still can’t use an eye liner pencil!

You can find Fluidline here.

A good brush to use with this can be found here.

Next up……MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Bare Study ($20)

I love this product as well and have been using it for many many years.  It is supposed to be a creamy long wear eyeshadow but I actually use it as a primer.  It gives me such a great base and my eyeshadow sticks to it great. I never have any creases.  It makes eyeshadow colors really pop too. Another great thing is it looks fantastic by itself!  If I am in a hurry or going with a more natural look, I just wear it alone.  This product also lasts for quite a while with every day use, I’d say 6-10 months.

You can find Paint Pots here.

A good brush to use with this can be found here.

Finally……Coastal Scents Prism Palette ($10.00)

Ok you all know my love for eyeshadow….so this one should be no surprise!  It has 88 gorgeous colors for only $10!  I have been using this palette for about 2 years now and I’ve barely made a dent. Yes, it’s not a fancy expensive brand, but the pigmentation is great and I get to play around a lot with colors I never would use. In fact, on weekends I ask C to just pick a color and I force myself to create a look with whatever color he chooses, which isn’t always easy! I seriously love this and cannot recommend it enough…especially for the price!

You can find the Prism Palette here.

A good brush to use with this can be found here.

Ok those are my top three favs that I use almost every day….what are some of your favorite beauty products? 

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Starbox Review - October

Time to show you my third Starbox!  I do like this box, though I am not sure I love it as much as others.  Don’t get me wrong, the products are always great, they just aren’t great for ME.

If you don’t remember, Starbox is a monthly beauty box that is $15 a month (plus a few dollars S&H) and comes with 3-4 FULL SIZED products each time.  No tiny lotion samples!

The website says the makeup line is comparable to MAC, Chanel, Sephora and other department store lines.  It also says that the value of each monthly box ranges from $35.00 to $99.00.

So here we go….the October Starbox

  1. Starlooks Gem Pencil in Mirage– .08 oz. (FULL SIZE)
This kind of makes me sad. I have absolutely no clue what I would ever do with this.  Seriously though, how to your wear glittery silver eyeliner? It definitely can’t be an everyday look right?
            Full Size: $14.00 My Value: $14.00

  1. Starlooks Tendergloss in “Puzzy” – .13 oz. (FULL SIZE)
You know my love for lip products in general, so I thought this would be great. Wrong. Even though it looks a peach-ish in the tube, it goes on clear. It’s like a fancy chapstick and that bums me out. 
Full Size: $13.00 My Value: $13.00

  1. Starlooks 3 Shadow Blush Palette in “3B1” – .26 oz. (FULL SIZE)
Ok, I really love this!  The blush colors are great and the case is pretty amazing. Even the mirror is awesome.  I do confess though, I would never in my life pay that much for blush!  I mean, I am happy with a $3 container from a no name brand. Still, for the overall price of $15 this is definitely worth it!
Full Size: $46.00 My Value: $46.00

Final Cost: $17.58
Final Value: $73.00

I am kind of indifferent on this box, even though the value is fantastic.  It’s not fun to get only three items, especially when they aren't anything I absolutely adore.

What do you think?

I will definitely continue to get this box, at least for a few more months. I got a note in the box that said the December box is going to include a $99 fifteen shade eye shadow palette.  Hello?  That is totally worth $15!  I’m thinking it will be a variation of this one.

If you’d like to try Starbox and make sure you get the awesome December box, you can sign up here!

(Also, I swear I’m not a review blog….I just like sharing these fun things! I have not been compensated for this review.)

Monday, November 4, 2013

A Transvestite Did My Makeup

So, C and I have this neighbor.  We were almost positive that he/she is a transvestite, but weren’t quite sure. Well, I’ve confirmed it. 

Last Friday night we were standing outside talking after coming back from a friend’s birthday party at a bar.  We had definitely had a few drinks so our judgment may have been slightly impaired. While we were out there our neighbor and a few of his/her friends were coming back from who knows where.  They were all done up in super high heels and tight dresses.

As they walked/stumbled by they invited us in for a drink.  For some unknown reason, we were like sure why not? First mistake. I thought it would be fun and adventurous, because I don’t usually do stuff like that. We went in and did a shot while chatting with her (I am just going to start calling this person a girl….that’s what she wants right?) and she mentioned she was afraid of me because I am so professional and she always hears my heels in the morning as I am leaving for work.  She’s intimidated by me?!?  The whole time she kept having nip slips. Her dress kept sliding down. You guys, it’s still awkward to see that from a woman that you know is actually a man.

So as we are standing around the kitchen she invites us out with her.  For some reason, we were like what the heck. Second mistake. All the sudden the house is in a tizzy and she shouts, “Ooo let me do your makeup!” You guys, I let her. I mean, how could I say no? This chick was bigger than me and quite scary. Third mistake.  She runs to the bathroom yelling “transvestite makeup party!” So yeah, that confirmed it for me.

She takes me into the bathroom, which is full of great makeup and makes me wash my face and sit down on the laundry basket. Then she proceeds to put my bangs up all weird and put a rhinestone headband on my head like a tiara. Then she shuts the door. Um?  Please don’t kill me.  She starts doing a full face of makeup.  She tells me that even though I had makeup on it wasn’t good enough and I’m not that pretty but she can make me pretty. Ouch.

She takes a break from doing my makeup to pee.  She sits down on the toilet while I am still there (and facing that side of the room).  Where the heck am I supposed to look?

By this time it’s probably about 1:15am and her friends are getting antsy and want to go out. She tells them to shut up.  Then she tells them to just go home if they aren’t happy.  She scares me. I keep trying to open the door to talk to C and she keeps shutting it.

She decides I will obviously need clothes, so she opens the door and tells C to go get me something to wear.  I’m silently praying the entire time he is gone.  When he comes back with an outfit she tells him it’s terrible and not good enough.  I felt so bad, because I thought he did a great job. It’s exactly something I would have picked and he knows it.  I just don’t have the kinds of clothes she was looking for.  So C sets down the heels he grabbed (fourth mistake) and goes back for a second try.  I try and direct him to something she might think is appropriate.

While he is gone, she asks if she can “wing me out” with the eyeliner.  I mean, I am not gonna say no to this chick.   Fifth mistake.  She started doing the eyeliner and I’m still silently praying. Why in the world did think it would be fun to let this slightly intoxicated man dressed as a woman near my eyeball with a pencil?!? I can feel her drawing the lines on my face and it feels pretty ridiculous.

Soon C comes back with a new dress, also not acceptable. She thinks she may have something for me to wear.  Now I have to go to the bathroom.  I try to get her to leave.  She won’t.  Um? I take off the headband, run out the door and grab the house keys from C and run to our house. C quickly follows.  He tells her it’s getting late and we will have to go out some other time.  The whole time she is screaming about how she wasted her makeup on me and who knows what else.

When C gets home I ask him where my heels were. Obviously, they were still on her bathroom floor where he left them.  So we have to sneak back into her house to try and get them.  Thankfully she was distracted and we were so quick that we got away easily.

I get home and finally take a look in the mirror.  She has completely destroyed my face. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but I wasn’t thinking at the time.  The wings of the eyeliner extended about a half inch on one side and a full inch on the other side!  My hair pretty much looked like a quail. Good stuff.

The only evidence....
I have to say, even though it was scary it was quite hilarious. We laugh for quite a while when we got home and I know we will laugh about this for years to come!

Also, I am deathly afraid to see her again. C and I were walking to our door the other day and saw her going the other way. We completely stopped in our tracks and shut our mouths hoping she wouldn’t see us.  Thankfully, we were successful.  I just know I am going to run into him/her again soon though, he/she’s our next door neighbor!
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Pretty Little Beauty Swap - Take Two!

Guess what time it is?!?!

It's sign up time for the Pretty Little Beauty Swap! The first round was a big success and everyone seemed to love what they received! I hope this one is even better.

Don't have any clue what I'm talking about?  Keep reading! Do know what I'm talking about?  Click the sign up button now!

Do you love getting beauty boxes?  Or maybe just trying new beauty products in general?
What about making new friends or receiving packages in the mail full of goodies? Want to meet another Beauty Loving Blogger?
If any of these things sounds awesome to you, then the Pretty Little Beauty Swap is for you!

Grab button for PLBS 

<div class="Grab button for BPOTW" style="width: 200px; margin: 0 auto;"> <a href="" rel="nofollow"> <img src="" alt="SBG" width="200" height="200" /> </a></div>

Hosted by Justine of Sleepy Single Girl and Chelsee of Southern Beauty Guide and Co -Hosted by Samantha from Busy Sweet Life, Pretty Little Beauty Swap is a bi-monthly swap between ladies who love makeup and meeting new friends!

Every other month, ladies will be paired up with another woman that they will have a chance to get to know and then get to send each other a gift of beauty products.

Swap boxes can be filled with beauty samples from past boxes that just weren’t your thing or purchased items you just know your partner will love!

Signups for the first swap will be November 1st -10th. Partners will be announced by November 15th. You will have a month to get to know your partner and then packages must be sent by December 15th.

At the end of the month we will all link up to share what we’ve received!! Who’s in for some new pretty little beauty products and some even better new friends?

*All of the rules listed below are mandatory. If you can’t complete them, 
you won’t be able to participate in future swaps.*

1) We would love for you to follow Southern Beauty Guide , Sleepy Single Girl & our Co-Host Busy Sweet Life!

2) Email your partner within 72 hours of receiving your match. If you haven’t heard from your partner after
3 days are up, please let us know and we will pair you up with someone else!

3) Spend the month getting to know your partner. Learn her makeup likes and dislikes and colors she tends to use or steer clear of.

4) Each box should be a minimum of $15. If you’d like to spend more, great! I am sure your partner will love you for it. You can include items you’ve received in past beauty boxes or even go out and purchase things you know your partner will love.

5) Please include at least 2 full size items. No one wants to receive a bunch of itty bitty lotion samples!

6) Items must be new, unless you’ve discussed with your partner beforehand and she is comfortable accepting gently used items that you have tried and didn’t like.

7) Ship your packages by the 15th of month two, which in this case is December 15th. Make sure to get a tracking number so we can confirm you sent a package if it gets lost.

8) Once you receive your package, create a reveal post and link up with us on December 20th.

The most important rule of them all…..Have fun!

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